Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Announces New Partnership with TextLess Live More

Washington, D.C. - Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is pleased to announce a new partnership with TextLess Live More to support their mission and continue to empower student leaders with resources to combat distracted driving at the local, state and federal level.
As the nation's premier youth health and safety organization, SADD is always looking for new peer-to-peer educational trainings, programs and awareness campaigns that will equip its students with resources to help them in their outreach efforts. The TextLess Live More program is an important addition to our youth traffic safety programming and will be a valuable tool for our chapters across the country.
TextLess Live More was founded by students at Milton Academy, after their classmate and friend Merritt Levitan, a recent high school graduate, was hit and killed by a distracted driver in July of 2013. TextLess Live More is committed to educating all drivers on the dangers of driving while distracted and ending this deadly epidemic. 
"We are honored to partner with TextLess Live More to empower student leaders with the tools they need to combat distracted driving," said Rick Birt, SADD President and CEO. "Their resources will equip our students to further educate their peers on the dangers of this risky behavior."
"We share and support SADD's mission to empower young people to make good decisions, especially behind the wheel. The dangers of distracted driving are real and have tragic consequences. We lost our 18-year-old daughter Merritt to a young driver who was texting while driving. TextLess Live More is honored and delighted to work with SADD to end distracted driving and make driving safer for everyone." Rich Levitan, CEO TextLess Live More. 
Your can receive FREE wristbands and phone stickers when you register to host a TextLess Live More event in April to support Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Simply fill out the form found here to get started! Once you complete the form, your freebies will be shipped to you at no cost and you will receive a TLLM toolkit to start planning your event today!
Written By: RickBirt